Ypres Salient


World War 1
Ypres Salient – Belgium
First, Second and Third Battle of Ypres
Battle of Passchendaele
Second Battle of Messines

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World War I lasted from July 28, 1914, to November 11, 1918. The world was caught up in a global conflict and Europe endured 4 years of horrific fighting. Many battles were fought in and around Ypres including the infamous Battle of Passchendaele.

The landscapes are still marked with mine and artillery craters, trenches, cemeteries and bunkers which remind us of the horrific fighting. Museums exhibit vestiges of a time that should never be forgotten.

This travel guide provides a complete overview of 60 WWI sites within the Ypres Salient. This includes over 100 photos, a detailed map of all military cemeteries, a list of aeroplane aces who dominated the skies, the Messines mine locations and the description of the main offensives.

Where do you start and how to choose between all the interesting sites during your trip?
I wrote this travel guide to help you make excellent choices and easily create your own day trips without long searching on the internet. The guide is also a beautiful souvenir to take home and show your family and friends while sharing your stories.

Each subject comes with a historical description, photos, GPS coordinates and a detailed map. By scanning the accompanying QR code you will find the actual opening times, a zoomable map of Google Maps to help you navigate and a link to the official website of the site.